Picture of a man making a coffee using an espresso coffee machine

How to brew the perfect coffee, every time.

Learn to brew coffee at home with these guides from our pro barista team! Understanding your coffee and being able to prepare a killer cup of joe is a great skill to have, and in our opinion isn’t hard to get started at all!

It’s worth keeping in mind that these guides are a starting point and that your method may have to change to get the best results out of your particular coffee. If the capacity/volume of your equipment doesn’t match, fear not! Simply use the included Brew Ratio and dial in your coffee from there.

The basics of coffee

Fresher isn’t always better

When it comes to brewing a great cup, fresher isn’t always better. Think of roasting coffee like cooking a steak; they generally need a bit of time to rest. In the case of coffee, beans need to let out CO2 which in turn also release other volatiles that develops the aroma and flavour of the coffee.

Using the beans during the peak of its degassing period will lead to inconsistencies day-by-day as the density and workability of the coffee change. For our clients, we provide pre-aged coffee for consistency and workability in the barista’s hands.

An image of a man holding roasted coffee beans in his hands