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Deep South (1kg Clearance)


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We have some of our darkest blend on special. Only available as beans in 1kg bags.

Roast date: 04/06/2021

Release date: 14/06/2021

Inspired by traditional southern Italian flavours, the Deep South blend has a bold, earthy punch with hazelnut notes. It’s a strong blend with a dark chocolate after-taste and a full-bodied mouthfeel. Recommended with milk, where the chocolate notes turn malty and rich with a dark, clean aftertaste.

Grand’Cru Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster in Sydney. Our passion is coffee, and we aim to share it through our craft of roasting and pouring the perfect cup. Our certified specialty blends are crafted with the barista in mind and will give you a coffee experience unparalleled by supermarket coffee.

Roasted and aged weekly for maximum impact of flavour, workability and consistency, our coffee hits home with quality you’d expect from the best cafe in town.

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Weight1 kg
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