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Why partner with us

Grand’Cru Coffee has been sharing our passion for exceptional coffee since 2011, and today we roast for our customers in the heart of Sydney’s North Shore. Good business starts with partnering with our clients to support them & their business to help them grow and thrive.

From sourcing high-quality coffee from farms to roasting and delivery, we’re able to give our customers full traceability of the coffee in their cups.

With decades of industry experience and long-lasting partnerships with Sydney’s top cafes, we’re here to help you serve the best quality coffee day in, day out.

Coffee roasted for your customers

When it comes to coffee, there’s no such thing as standard. That’s why we’ve curated a wide spectrum of specialty grade blends and single origins so you can find the perfect coffee for your customers.

Coffee Support

Our specialised team of expert coffee professionals are on the road, here to help you in any situation. From training, calibration and technical support, our team is only one call away.

Commercial Equipment

Our dedication to consistency and quality persists in our partnerships with coffee equipment manufacturers. We’ve assembled a selection of commercial equipment to deliver consistent results every day.


We’re here to help you let the world know you’re open for business and serving awesome coffee. From signage & ceramics to digital media support, we’re here to assist you and help you grow your business.

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