At Grand Cru Coffee we take pride in what we do; it’s our passion and more importantly it’s an art. The Grand Cru blend has taken over 7 years to perfect. We have cupped hundreds of different coffees to get the perfect balance of natural sweetness, acidity, salts and fruits. Our blends are very balanced and we guarantee we have the right blend to suit your business needs.


We believe that having a consistent product and excellent customer service with ongoing support are key for successful cafes to ensure sales growth for your business. For that reason, we ensure our experienced technical support team are always ready on call when you need them.


Premium coffee calls for premium equipment. This is why we specialise in La Marzocco machinery. These machines are handcrafted in Italy, using state of the art technology to produce the perfect espresso.


Grand Cru Coffee was established in 2011. Our passion is coffee and we aim to share this through our craft of roasting and pouring the perfect the cup. However what is more important to us than coffee is people and at Grand Cru Coffee look forward to sharing our knowledge and hearing your story. At Grand Cru Coffee we promise never to compromise on quality and service.

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  • Blends

    “Coffee is very personal”

    We understand that every person enjoys their preferred coffee style, character and personality. From rich chocolate, salty caramel, fruity, floral and acidic notes there is an abundance of blends that can be achieved.

    Grandeur: A smooth, versatile, full-bodied coffee. With cardamom on the nose, the Grandeur signature blend is loaded with gentle acidity, notes of salted-caramel & milk chocolate and rich oak, cherry-ripe finish.

    Brawn Douglas: Taking the best from South America and Africa, the Brawn Douglas is familiar on the palette, bursting with smooth berries, vanilla and nutty cocoa. It’s a full-bodied blend with a clean after-taste.

    Deep South: Inspired by traditional southern Italian flavours, Deep South has a bold, earthy punch with hazelnut notes. It’s a strong blend with a dark chocolate after-taste and a full-bodied mouthfeel.

    At Grand’Cru Coffee we also offer personalised custom blends to suit your needs.


  • Equipment

    “Premium coffee deserves premium equipment”

    At Grand’Cru Coffee we recommend machines that we see help you strive at your café. We specialise in La Marzocco & Slayer espresso machines, and Anfim & Mazzer grinders.

    Each machine is handcrafted with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure pinpoint precision.

    Servicing & Breakdowns

    At the beginning of your Grand’Cru Coffee relationship, you are automatically included in our service schedule. All servicing and parts are free for machines on loan. This means every 3 months a Grand’Cru Coffee team member will provide a check-up to ensure your machine is in perfect working order. Every 400kg or three months (depending on which comes first) all shower screens and seals will be changed and water filters replaced if required. Grinder blades will be replaced as needed depending on the volume of coffee and grinder model supplied.

    We recognise that sometimes out of the blue machine break downs do happen, that’s why Grand’Cru Coffee has a strong network of coffee technicians from Espresso Machine Mechanics who are happy to assist with all emergencies.


  • Marketing

    “It’s all about getting you out there”

    Grand’Cru Coffee has an established in-house marketing team, dedicated to growing the Grand’Cru brand with your business in mind.

    Our vision is to ensure that with the digital profiles we build is used to help increase exposure for your business. We work closely with our café family members to ensure each is promoted across all our digital marketing channels where possible.

    Cafe designs, menu, social media management, digital marketing, graphic design & photography are some of what we offer.


  • Training & Support

    At Grand’Cru Coffee, we believe that having a consistent product and excellent customer service with ongoing support is crucial for thriving cafés. For that reason, we ensure our experienced technical support team are always ready on call when you need them.

    Our staff are constantly educated in the science of coffee to pass on product knowledge to our clients. Providing your baristas with in-house training reduces your burden and assures consistency across different baristas.

    From adjusting the grind, texturing & pouring milk, maintaining equipment and keeping your coffee consistent, our team is here to best equip you to pour the perfect cuppa every time.

  • Blank Canvas

    “Our Coffee, Your Brand”

    Put your name on our specialty coffees and bespoke blends that will please the pickiest of coffee drinkers.

    Our team will personally work with you to ensure the right bean selection for your customer’s needs and preferences.

    We roast your unique blends and single origin coffees to order and deliver them fresh to your door in custom branded packaging.

    The process is simple and easy:

    1. Tasting & Blend Selection
    2. Custom Branding
    3. Roasting & Packaging
    4. Delivery


Wholesale Coffee Supplier Sydney

Sydney Wholesalers of Specialty Coffee and Bespoke Blends

We know that running a successful café business is more than just serving a cup of coffee. It’s about creating exceptional experiences with coffee that will entice coffee-lovers to come to you in the quest for a great cuppa. That’s the secret of making a mark in Sydney’s bustling coffee scene. And, that’s precisely the kind of business we help you build.

Sourced from the world’s best coffee gardens and lovingly roasted and blended in-house, our specialty coffee speaks for itself. It’s only natural that we crave to collaborate with local Sydney cafés and baristas that want the delicate balance and brilliant taste of their coffee to shine through. To achieve that, we will personally work with you to craft the unique coffee experience for your business.

Custom Blends

We are constantly searching for ways to bring unique blends to life utilising the knowledge and skills of our experts. We know how elusive it can be to hit that impeccable balance of natural sweetness, acidity, body, and aroma. And, our forte lies in achieving that subtle state of balance. But it didn’t come easy to us; our specialty coffee blends are the fruit of our extensive blending process that has taken over seven years to perfect. So, you can count on us for high quality and consistent blends that suit your business needs.

Premium Equipment for Premium Coffee

As passionate coffee people, we assist our partners with the equipment necessary to build a successful coffee operation. For best results, we only recommend machines that have helped us win hearts (and more business) over the years. That’s why we specialise in La Marzocco & Slayer espresso machines, and Anfim & Mazzer grinders.

At Grand’Cru, we’re a refreshingly different coffee wholesaler that proudly rejects the ‘one brew fits all’ mindset. We understand our clients’ desire to express themselves differently through the cup of coffee they serve. No two partners of ours are the same, and we love working with each of them to craft their perfect cup.

Grow your café business with Grand’Cru today!